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The Camino de Santiago – Saint Jean Pied de Porte to Pamplona

It was unmistakably French. The arguments between drivers and cyclists, the cafes and pastries, the political graffiti, and roads named for its long and sometimes less than illustrious colonial history. Yet in some ways it was different. In the early evening, as people filled the streets and outside cafes and bars, the character of Bordeaux seemed as warm as the weather itself, even the bum I refused a smoke wished me “Bon journé”. Recently having come south from Iceland I […]

Iceland: Glacier Walks and Ice Caves

Two things on my Icelandic bucket list were to walk on a glacier and to visit an ice cave. Ice caves can be really stunning with amazing shades of blue and sweeping arcs of ice, and well, who doesn’t want to walk on a glacier? After asking Katherina, my friend who works as a tourist guide and has been basically everywhere in Iceland, I settled on the caves at Jökulsárlón and booked a trip with Extreme Iceland, as this is not the […]

Some things I do to stay sane: Sports and mental health

I hate meditation. It’s impossible for me to empty my brain. Yoga does nothing for me. I can’t get the hang of it and I just end up thinking about food. But, like a lot of people, I really need to clear my head, to focus and forget about life and it’s worries. And as much as we know physical exercise is beneficial to mental health, I never found one I liked. I’m not a great runner, I don’t like […]

5 Reasons to visit Iceland in the winter

5 Reasons to visit Iceland in winter

There’s no such thing as the low season in Iceland anymore, but there are lots of reasons to visit Iceland in the winter, and not just because there are fewer tourists (though with visitor numbers expected to reach 3 million in the next few years it’s a good place to start!). 1. You can see the Aurora Borealis Ok the skies are not on fire every single night but one of the things you need to see the aurora (one of the main […]

The Lava Tube Inside an Icelandic lava tunnel

The Lava Tube: Inside an Icelandic lava tunnel

Can you imagine walking through a cave, covered in crystals, the walls dripping like with blood that was formed by molten hot lava created more than a thousand years before the pyramids were built? Well honestly I couldn’t either which is why the other week I visited the Lava Tunnel to find out! The Lava Tunnel is a lava tube that was created around 5200 years ago during the Leitahraun eruption, which occurred east of the Bláfjöll mountains, just a short drive from […]

The Icelandic Horse & Horse-riding in Iceland, Núpshestar. © Núpshestar

Horse-riding in Iceland

The Icelandic horse is one of Iceland’s biggest (but not literally – they’re quite small) and cutest attractions and horse-riding in Iceland in Iceland is big business, there are stables just about everywhere offering tourist treks. I am really looking forward to a horseback archery course at the end of the summer and I’ve only ridden once in the last year so I needed to get back into the saddle (excuse the pun). If you’re interested in horse-riding, or just want to try […]

Diving between continents: Snorkeling in Silfra and Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

Diving between continents: Snorkelling in Silfra and Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

One of the things on my Iceland bucket list is snorkelling in Silfra with, a fissure in the Þingvellir National Park and when some lovely tourists mentioned it the other week when I was trying to plan my day off, I thought why not! Snorkelling in Iceland – where to go So there are lots of places where snorkelling and diving is possible in Iceland either in the sea or fresh water, but there are some restrictions, For example there are two sites in […]

5 Hiking mistakes every newbie hiker makes

5 hiking mistakes that every newbie hiker makes

We’re all guilty of a few of these hiking mistakes and to be fair some are not the end of the world but here’s how to avoid a few hard learned lessons. 1 Bringing too much stuff We’re all guilty of overpacking and believe me when you have to carry all your stuff, for hours, up mountains, you will question the wisdom of packing even the lightest thing. On one of days during my Laugavegur trek I saw a jeep carrying […]

What to bring? Hiking trip packing list and printables

What to bring? Hiking trip packing list and printables

I am an outdoor gear junkie. I hate clothes shopping in general but put me in an outdoor shop and you had better take my credit card away from me. And so I love prepping my outdoor kit for hikes, making lists and checking things off. With that in mind here’s a handy printable hiking trip packing list to keep you organised for your next trip. Hiking trip packing list Day pack: I use a 14L Deuter for short hikes or […]

Hiking in Ireland: Art O Neill Challenge 2017: Glenmalure Finish

Hiking in Ireland: The Art O Neill Challenge

How about a nice 53km walk in Dublin and Wicklow, starting at midnight, non-stop, in January, through the mountains, snow, bog and fog? Sounds good Dad, I’m in. And that’s how I ended up committing to the Art O Neill Challenge, and challenge being the operative word. One of Ireland’s most grueling hikes organised by The Great Outdoors and the Dublin and Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, as a fundraiser for the latter and is named in memory of a man who died […]

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