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The Camino de Santiago: Camino Portugués

Just before the dark broke I left Santiago. It was strange. Everything had been leading to the city but now I was leaving it. I was heading in the opposite direction of the arrows. When I found them. And there was a bit of checking my phone map especially by the motorway. Eventually I got on a trail of blue arrows, though less frequent than the yellow ones. An hour got me out of the city proper but it took […]

The Camino de Santiago: O Cebreiro to Santiago de Compostela

The albergue in O Cebreiro was freezing that night and, though I had three layers top and bottom, I could not get warm. Unsurprising then when I went out and found the village a pretty winter wonderland in the snow. Again I decided to take the main road, though a little longer, as it would be safer. The day began beautifully with just a little falling snow though this turned into icy needles in my eyes, worsening to a blizzard […]

The Camino de Santiago: León to O Cebreiro

Early on a cold, damp morning I headed off from León. It felt just a little above 0°, it was windy, showering often and coupled with the usual suburban and industrial sprawl that accompanies leaving a city, it was not the most exciting day for walking. My pack was now heavier, due to a restock of tape, freezing gel and an anti-bed bug spray, and after a few days off it’s always harder to get going again. Almost 25km later […]

Waterfalls in Iceland Glymur | Icelandic Waterfalls | Iceland | Highest waterfall

Waterfalls in Iceland: Glymur

“It’s the second-highest.” “No, it’s the highest.” “No, it used to be the highest, then they found another one.” “I refuse to believe you! Prove it!” “There’s no signal.” “Ha! See, I was right!” So went the argument as we enjoyed a break from the most un-Icelandic heat of a summer’s day, sitting in front of Glymur, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. (The highest is now Morsárjökull if you’re a waterfall nerd.) Regardless, Glymur is pretty awe-inspiring, even if it turns your legs […]

The Lava Tube Inside an Icelandic lava tunnel

The Lava Tube: Inside an Icelandic lava tunnel

Can you imagine walking through a cave, covered in crystals, the walls dripping like with blood that was formed by molten hot lava created more than a thousand years before the pyramids were built? Well honestly I couldn’t either which is why the other week I visited the Lava Tunnel to find out! The Lava Tunnel is a lava tube that was created around 5200 years ago during the Leitahraun eruption, which occurred east of the Bláfjöll mountains, just a short drive from […]

Things to do in Iceland in bad weather

Things to do in Iceland in bad weather

Winter is here in Iceland and it seems every week there is another storm or at least where I am it’s perpetually raining. My knitting is going well but is more an evening thing – so what are the things to do in Iceland when the weather is bad, where there are no northern lights, you need a break from cafes and you’ve already been to all the museums? Iceland’s Swimming Pools Just about every town in Iceland has a swimming pool and […]

5 Essential apps for Iceland Travel

5 Essential apps for Iceland Travel

I meet a lot of tourists now who are travelling in Iceland and have a lot of common questions like “Will the northern lights be visible tonight?” or “We want to go to Landmannalaugar tomorrow” – right after a lot of flooding! So what are the best apps for Iceland to help you get the most out of your trip – and safely? Veður I used this everyday. Several times a day. It’s probably the most accurate weather forecast for Iceland […]

Get out of your comfort zone! (Or how to be more adventurous)

Get out of your comfort zone! (Or how to be more adventurous)

I am terrified of heights. I always have been and put it down to my Dad walking right up to the edge of the cliff at Dún Aonghasa on the Aran Islands when I was really young. Since then I’ve tried skydiving to get over it but a few jumps in I broke my foot in 7, 9 or more places, partially dislocated it, ripped everything from the knee down and still have problems from it. Haven’t gone since and I […]

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