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Waterfalls in Iceland Glymur | Icelandic Waterfalls | Iceland | Highest waterfall

Waterfalls in Iceland: Glymur

“It’s the second-highest.” “No, it’s the highest.” “No, it used to be the highest, then they found another one.” “I refuse to believe you! Prove it!” “There’s no signal.” “Ha! See, I was right!” So went the argument as we enjoyed a break from the most un-Icelandic heat of a summer’s day, sitting in front of Glymur, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. (The highest is now Morsárjökull if you’re a waterfall nerd.) Regardless, Glymur is pretty awe-inspiring, even if it turns your legs […]

How to find Bruarfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland’s Secret Waterfalls: How to find Bruarfoss Waterfall

Iceland has many beautiful waterfalls but Bruarfoss Waterfall is one of the prettiest. It’s a little hidden but actually not so hard to find – if you know where to look! I discovered this little beauty on Unlocking Kiki’s Iceland Blog and after a chat with a colleague got some good directions – it’s not signposted but it’s an easy stop on your Golden Circle tour and a pleasant break from the crowds at Gullfoss. UPDATE JUNE 2018 I have been informed that the below […]

Kirkjufell Iceland

Iceland: hitchhiking from Húsavik to Snaefellsnes

I’ve been without much electricity the last few days, bar what I’ve been stealing from public toilets, hence the hiatus. North of Húsavik is Ásbyrgi, an unusually shaped canyon, where I went for a nice easy walk. You can hike from here to Dettifoss over the course of a few days but you need to bring plenty of water as the water coming from Dettifoss is undrinkable due to the lava and dirt washed along with it. There is a campsite […]

A few days around Myvatn

A few days around Myvatn 

On a damp and miserable Thursday morning I set off to get the bus to go camping in Myvatn. I got a city bus to what I thought would be a main bus station, but turned out to be a bus shelter on the side of the road, for a 6.5hr journey to Akureyri. Turns out it’s the right stop, the driver takes visa (€90 one way) and there’s wifi and chargers and with regular rest stops it’s a plush […]

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