Driving the Reykjanes Peninsula coast road

A lot of people ask me about driving to the Blue Lagoon from the Golden Circle and if you have time skip Route 1 and head along the coast road of the Reykjanes Peninsula coast road (Route 427) for a lovely scenic drive. A couple of weeks ago I went the long way to Reykjavik and with some stormy weather it was really lovely. It’s just over an hour’s drive from Selfoss but you can spend much more time along here taking photos, as I did.

An alternative drive to the Blue Lagoon: Reykjanes Peninsula


First stop is Eyrarbakki, which is a lovely little fishing village with old fashioned wooden houses that I’ve never seen in nice weather. There’s a nice seafood restaurant here: Rauda Husid, if you like seafood; if, like me, you don’t, they also do really nice lamb.


Another fishing village, Þorlákshöfn has a nice seafront walk. The landscape is open and flat with lots of dunes for the next part of the road. Watch out for stopping places to take in the views as there are not that many here.


Literally ‘strand’ or coastal church, the light was beautiful passing here.


Next is the nature preserve of Reykjanesfólkvangur on the Reykjanes Peninsula proper with the most amazing lava fields. I promise you the colour of the moss is real and can be even more saturated, depending on the time of year. This is definitly a place I want to explore more.


A much larger fishing town, Grindavik has some great seafood restaurants (as a non-fish eater I am really living in the wrong country). The view as you approach the town are spectacular. But please do not stop in the middle of the road as you will give the person coming around the corner a heart attack. There’s a parking place a little further down.

After Grindavik you’re only ten minutes or so from the Blue Lagoon heading north – wait for a signpost after the mountain near a viewing point and can enjoy a relaxing soak – don’t forget to follow the geothermal pool rules!

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