Review - Photographic Canvas Prints from Saal Digital

Review: Photographic Canvas Prints from Saal Digital

A while ago I was contacted by Saal Digital, a UK-based photographic print company, to review their products and as I’m looking for a large format photographic canvas prints supplier I was really excited to see the results.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Saal Digital to review their products, however, I was given a voucher to use against whatever type of print I wanted. They also wanted an honest review so that’s what you will read! You can read more about my policies here.

Type of products available

Saal Digital offer photographic prints, calendars, mugs, photo books, large format products on acrylic, glass and canvas – basically a huge variety. I specifically wanted a canvas print supplier so I was looking at that range. 20 x 30 cm to 120 x 120 cm in size. Floating frames are optional and the canvas comes stretched on a wedge wooden frame, which reminds me of when I used to ‘help’ my grandfather as a kid in his framing studio after school.

Uploading and software

Saal Digital offer ICC profiles for soft-proofing and test files that you can use for soft-proofing in Photoshop and you can use the simple uploader on the website or download the Saal Design Software (Mac and PC) to upload, design and order your prints.

Final product

I’ll admit I had a few problems completing the order due to the fact that it didn’t like the lack of post-coding in Ireland. Ok, now we have Eircode postcodes in Ireland but no one uses them – the postwoman has a notebook and a map with every one marked on it, she knows where I live! After some emailing over and back with the very helpful James in Customer Support, I finally managed to get the order in. If you are based in the UK I presume you won’t have this problem. Delivery and production time were also both quite reasonable.

In regards to the final product itself, which is what was most important, the quality is great. Colours reproduce faithfully – I had chosen a summer’s evening shot of Kirkjufellfoss in Iceland which has quite delicate purple sky tones and I’m quite happy with the result. You do have to remember to allow for the wrapping of the canvas on the frame – basically you are loosing about 2.5cm on all sides – so bear this in mind.

There’s also a £15-off welcome voucher so it’s a good opportunity to try them out!

As for me, I am definitely expanding my range, so if you would like to purchase large format work check out my online print store over the next few weeks or pop into Criostal na Rinne‘s crystal studio to see my gallery where the final print is for sale!

Review - Photographic Canvas Prints from Saal Digital


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Stella Terryreply
April 10, 2017 at 8:49 am

It’s beautiful

April 11, 2017 at 6:28 pm
– In reply to: Stella Terry

Thanks Stella!

Eamonn Terryreply
April 10, 2017 at 10:20 am

Beautiful print well done.

April 11, 2017 at 6:28 pm
– In reply to: Eamonn Terry

Thanks Eamonn!

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