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Review Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

Review: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

We’ve all done it. No matter how often I tell myself to backup files, and to do it often, something happens, I forget, the drive fails and then… I kick myself. Repeatedly. This time it was just a few photos and not really a big deal, and just coincidently Stellar Data Recovery contacted me to review their Photo Recovery Software, so I had nothing to lose in trying. Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this software, only receiving the full […]

Review: International Photographer, What to Photograph Iceland Map

Usually, before a trip I do a bit of preparation, like this map here, marking the places I’d like to go with a photograph for reference. Then when I get there that all goes out the window, I travel around according to my whims and the weather. But, wouldn’t it be handy if someone had done all this work for you? Well, that’s exactly what Michael Levey of International Photographer has done. I saw this in the campsite in Reykjavík last […]

5 Reasons to visit Iceland in the winter

5 Reasons to visit Iceland in winter

There’s no such thing as the low season in Iceland anymore, but there are lots of reasons to visit Iceland in the winter, and not just because there are fewer tourists (though with visitor numbers expected to reach 3 million in the next few years it’s a good place to start!). 1. You can see the Aurora Borealis Ok the skies are not on fire every single night but one of the things you need to see the aurora (one of the main […]

West again – Road tripping in the Westfjords, Iceland

  After leaving Ka at the airport (and conveniently collecting two friends who arrived just as he was leaving) I headed north again. It was a bit late in the day to go right into the Westfjords so I decided to find a place to camp near Eiríksstaðir, the site of Eiríkur Rauður’s farm and birthplace of Leifur Eiríksson. After driving up and down a washboard gravel road trying to find the campsite, I finally called and was told it […]

Solo Hiking in Hornstrandir

Solo Hiking in Hornstrandir, Westfjords

Can I take a look at your map? Sure. Do you mind if I take a photo of it? No, go ahead… wait, do you not have a map? No but it’s ok, we’re not going far. Yeah just to Hornvík. (A route indicated as challenging on my map.) This is not a place you want to go hiking without a map. So went the conversation I had with three American tourists on the boat over to Veiðileysufjörður, on Hornstrandir. […]

Road trip to the Icelandic Highlands

Road trip to the Icelandic Highlands

With the mountain roads finally open I’ve been dying to head off on a road trip to the Icelandic Highlands. Currently my tent is aboard a boat that is somewhere between the Faroe Islands and Iceland, so rather than sleeping in my car (not really to be advised) my tent-rich friend Ásta decided join me in a loop over the highlands and west Iceland the other week.               The weather wasn’t looking great (windy Iceland-style is a […]

5 Pro tips for taking amazing travel pictures

5 Pro tips for taking amazing travel pictures

When I studied design in college my favourite subject was photography, from that coupled with a love of travel I’ve ended up here as a travel photographer. Just about everyone I’ve ever met likes taking pictures on their trips and we could all learn a few new things so why not keep in mind these pro tips to take better travel pictures! Get a tripod Or a rock or your backpack or the ground or just something to keep your camera […]

Sibeal Turraoin Competition


Head over to my Facebook page and check out my new competition where I’m giving away a FREE calendar from my Faroe Islands collection pack with stunning travel locations and shipped to the lucky winner worldwide!

Kirkjufellfoss and Kirkjufell, Snæfellsness, Iceland - Saal Digital Canvas Print Review

Product Review: Photographic Canvas Prints from Saal Digital

A while ago I was contacted by Saal Digital, a UK-based photographic print company, to review their products and as I’m looking for a large format photographic canvas prints supplier I was really excited to see the results. Disclaimer: I was not paid by Saal Digital to review their products, however I was given a voucher to use against whatever type of print I wanted. They also wanted an honest review so that’s what you will read! Type of products available […]

5 pieces of essential photography equipment for travel photographers

5 pieces of essential photography equipment for travel photographers

I hate carrying too much stuff on a trip, which is why this list of essential photography equipment for travel photographers is comprehensive enough to make sure I get amazing photographs, but light enough for me to carry. 1 Spare batteries There is nothing worse than your camera dying just as you see the perfect shot. Often I’m away from power sources and I haven’t found a good solar powered option yet, to say nothing of the cold zapping battery power, so I […]

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