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5 Pictures that will make you want to visit the Faroe Islands

5 Pictures that will make you want to visit the Faroe Islands

One of Europe’s best kept secrets, the Faroe Islands are a quiet retreat right in the middle of the north Atlantic ocean. If you really need any excuses to visit the Faroe Islands here are five!

5 Pictures that will make you want to visit the Faroe Islands

5737 Sørvágsvatn, Vágur, Faroe Islands

Yes that is a waterfall flowing into the sea. Sørvágsvatn lake is an optical illusion that looks higher than the cliffs around it and is over the sea.

5937 Gasadalur, Vágur, Faroe Islands

Gásadalur is a village which, up to thirteen years ago, was only accessible by boat, meaning it’s as gorgeous and untouched as you would expect.

4582 Risin og Kellingin, Eiði, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands

Eiði’s campsite is the old football pitch, which had to be abandoned due to the high winds, and where you will get the warmest welcome in the islands. The advantage of the fierce climate is these gorgeous weather-beaten coasts.
2806 Puffins, Mykines, Faroe Islands
The Faroes are a bird watcher’s dream come true, particularly Mykines, where cute little puffins are everywhere. I mean everywhere. One flew under my arm.

1069 Tórshavn, Streymoy, Faroe Islands

Tórshavn’s old town is particularly picturesque with dotey little wooden houses and Faroese turf roofs.

0496 Boy in traditional Faroese costume, Ólavsøka, Tórshavn, Streymoy, Faroe Islands

Make sure you visit during Ólavsøka, the national day, where up to 60% of Faroe Islanders descend on the capital dressed in traditional clothing for song and celebration.

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17 Responses

  1. I wanted to visit the Faroe Islands before seeing these photos and now I want to go even more. I love the one with the puffin and his bill full of fish! I’d love to visit during their National Day as I know very little and would love to see tradiational song and dance.

  2. I always wanted to go to Faroe Islands as its so close to my home country (UK) but the flights are totally crazy when it comes to schedule and prices. It totally sucks. Nice photos 🙂

  3. We visited the Faroes a few years ago, and I agree it’s a fantastic off the beaten path type of place. Your photos are stunning. I love the puffins and the little boy.

  4. I just saw a flight deal to the Faroe Islands and was like “Meh, never heard of em”. Sounds like I should have done my research. That’s a cool waterfall!

    • Thanks Viki! A couple of weeks but you could so easily spend much longer there. They’re so many nice hikes and driving takes a lot longer than you’d expect too 😀

  5. I would absolutely love to visit the Faroe Islands! Such rugged and authentic natural beauty – these photos really do make me want to visit! A shame I am on the other side of the world, it makes it so hard and expensive to see these places! What a stunning place though. Really quite something special.

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