5 Pictures that will make you want to visit Iceland

Do you really need a reason to visit Iceland? You do – ok, here are 5 Pictures that will make you want to visit Iceland! Enter the gallery above to see some Iceland inspiration.

Wonderful Waterfalls

There are waterfalls everywhere. Literally everywhere. Some like Gullfoss are really famous, some like Bruarfoss are a bit harder to find – and totally worth it.

Vast Volcanos

Iceland was formed by volcanos and they are everywhere. Some are extinct – like this one Kerið, some are dormant and some like Eyjafjallajökull (remember that one) can erupt at any time!

Great Geysers

Ok so the great Geyser doesn’t erupt any more but Strokkur does, every 5-10 minutes in a huge whoosh of boiling water.

Amazing Aurora

A highlight for anyone visiting in the winter months, or basically when there’s darkness, is the Aurora Borealis. It´s not a guarantee, especially in a land where there is a helluva lot of rain and clouds, but when the skies explode you will be awestruck.

Lush Lava Fields and Magical Moss

It’s hard to believe that the colours are real. Depending on the season you can have luminous green moss or deep burnt oranges and every day brings a new light to the same place.

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