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Things to do in Iceland: Winter Lights Festival

The Winter Lights festival, or Vetrarhátíð, brightens up a dreary and cold February in Iceland. Celebrating the lengthening days, the festival is a combination of cultural events, light installations and many museums are free which is a great bonus. Many museums put on special guided tours or events, there’s art everywhere, language classes, storytelling, there was a cycle race up Skólavörðustígur, last year a huge erupting volcano was projected onto Hallgrímskirkja and the town is full of people, especially families walking around with a really nice […]

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Iceland

Despite appearances, I do like Christmas. Just not when the hype starts in September. But now that’s it’s December I can get into the Christmas spirit and there’s a few differences here in Iceland that I’m enjoying learning about. Here Christmas is called Jól, which we know as Yule, an ancient pre-Christian feast. Icelanders go for decoration in a big way and Christmas lights have been up on every possible structure for weeks. All thirteen days of Christmas from 24 December […]

The Pearl of Reykjavík: Perlan

The Pearl of Reykjavík: Perlan

If you visit Reykjavík you’ll probably notice a large glass dome building perched up on top of a hill Öskjuhlíð. Well that’s Perlan, a former water reservoir and now cafe, natural sciences museum and viewpoint, and it’s well worth a stop. Built in 1988 and designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson, Perlan was originally just a hot water reservoir, designed to hold 1 million gallons of geothermal hot water and in 1991 the glass dome was added. Recently I stopped by to check out the new Glaciers and […]

The Lava Tube Inside an Icelandic lava tunnel

The Lava Tube: Inside an Icelandic lava tunnel

Can you imagine walking through a cave, covered in crystals, the walls dripping like with blood that was formed by molten hot lava created more than a thousand years before the pyramids were built? Well honestly I couldn’t either which is why the other week I visited the Lava Tunnel to find out! The Lava Tunnel is a lava tube that was created around 5200 years ago during the Leitahraun eruption, which occurred east of the Bláfjöll mountains, just a short drive from […]

Music in Iceland: The Punk Museum - Pönksafn Reykjavík

Music in Iceland: The Punk Museum Reykjavík

Iceland has it’s share of quirky museums but one of my favourites is the tiny but jam-packed Pönksafn Íslands or Icelandic Punk Museum in downtown Reykjavík, perfectly located in a disused public toilet at the bottom of Laugavegur. The museum was founded by Gunni and he along with a few guys put it all together with their collection of memorabilia from the late 70’s through to the 80’s, and was opened by Johnny Rotten no less, as I was told by Svarti Alfur (“Black Elf”) […]

Iceland on a budget - how to save money on your Iceland trip

Iceland on a budget: how to save money on your Iceland trip

With Wow Air Iceland is cheap and easy to get to from both sides of the Atlantic. However Iceland is insanely expensive. It’s expensive for travellers because the krona is so strong and it’s expensive for locals because everything costs so much. And that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. It is hard to go to Iceland on a budget – that said there are a few ways to save a few krona so here are a few tips on how […]

TRAVEL WITH IRA Iceland Tips from Locals

Iceland Tips from Locals – collaboration with Travel with Ira

So while things might have been quiet on the blogging front I have definitly been kept busy and I’m really excited to work with the lovely Ira from Travel with Ira on her Tips from Locals series with a post on Iceland! Check out the post here and take a look at Ira’s other articles on everywhere from Austria to Tunisia and her speciality, being a Bucharest girl, one of my favourite countries – Romania!

8788 þingvellir, Iceland

Update: New Iceland landscape photography prints now available

Iceland landscape photographic prints now available for purchase I’m delighted to announce, that after hours slaving over a hot keyboard, I have a new range of Iceland landscape photographic prints now available to purchase on my online print store: from summer to winter you can see volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, seas, birds and horses and of course many beautiful waterfalls. Check out the whole collection here!

A journey through the Faroe Islands - Travel Photography Book

Print store now online – buy photographic prints of my work!

I’m really excited to announce that you can now buy framed photographic prints, photo books and travel photography calendars of my work through my online store. These are limited edition items with each having a maximum edition of only 30 impressions and make a fantastic Christmas gift – or indeed for any occasion. I’ll be continually adding to this so check back often. As always I love to get your feedback so if there’s anything you’d like to see please let me […]

Things to do in Iceland in bad weather

Things to do in Iceland in bad weather

Winter is here in Iceland and it seems every week there is another storm or at least where I am it’s perpetually raining. My knitting is going well but is more an evening thing – so what are the things to do in Iceland when the weather is bad, where there are no northern lights, you need a break from cafes and you’ve already been to all the museums? Iceland’s Swimming Pools Just about every town in Iceland has a swimming pool and […]

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